Sunday, September 3, 2017

I Don't Understand Fidget Spinners

It's not something I understand. For all their boasting and popularity, there's actually remarkably little fidgeting you can do with a spinner.

You can spin it clockwise. You can spin it anti-clockwise. You can bounce it back and forth counter-spinning at 120-degree intervals... I've run out of things.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not adverse to fidgeting. God knows I did enough of it while in school. I twirled pens and pencils, I drew pictures in the margins of my notes. In college I carried an extra notebook just for doodles and squiggles and ditties.

I'm not adverse to fidgeting. God knows I did enough of it while in school.
I'm even an owner of a fidget cube, but that does so much more in it's much more innocuous packaging. It has buttons of variable resistance you can press. It has a switch that you can toggle. It has scroll wheels that turn. It has a wheel the can spin (albeit no ball bearings to set it going on its own). It has a uniquely satisfying depression that you can rub you finger against. You can even get a key-chain case for it (that leaves all the sides exposed while still holding it securely) that you can whirl it about your finger (just don't go too fast or it might go sailing across the room).

That's a lot more than a spinner.

Now, a spinner can teach you a couple of things that you won't get from a cube. You can learn about centripetal forces, persistence of vision, and... hold on, I know I had a third one. Eh, it will come back to me.

I know fads don't always make sense. That's all this fidget madness is anyway.  It's only really taking off right now because some recent studies about how fidgeting can help the learning process. Except watching a spinner spin isn't fidgeting. It's not really doing you any favors. You're just staring at something shiny.

Or maybe I'm just salty because I wish pogs would come back.

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