Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sexual Identity and RPG Character Choice

At least in my case, these have nothing to do with each other. While I clearly and distinctly identify as male, though I may be well in touch with my feminine side, I usually play female characters.

I don't know about anybody else, but I have two simple reasons for this.

First and foremost, female clothing is more interesting. I've long been jealous of female punk and goth clothing, simply because it's more interesting. Male clothing is far more limiting in styles and cuts, and therefore less interesting. Even in role playing games, this holds true. Although certainly different patches of skin are exposed from the male form, and the female form can wear clothing that is downright erotic without actually being explicit, without going that far, there are simply more possibilities to work with.

Secondly, as I alluded to earlier, the female form is a piece of art. Being bisexual, I can see the other side, but where the male form (in gaming) is more steel and marble, usually with broad shoulders, mid-width hips, and narrow but large feet, the female is curvaceous, water and spirit and earth, with alternating widths from head to toe.

Let me be clear. Each and every time I speak of the female form, it is that form which appears in gaming. I am not objectifying women nor perceiving them as in a lower class than men. Quite the reverse: I am very guilty of objectifying  men, especially those I am attracted to, which are not at all the body type I described above.

All I'm saying is that my second and secondary reason for tending to choose female characters over male is they're nice to look at, and the closest you can get to one--except in first-person view games-- is to be constantly looking over their shoulder as my point of view floats above the character.

A third, but very low in effecting my choice, reason is that so many players who are male and choose male don't bother to ask when flirting with a female character, and get hilariously disgusted when they find out it's a male player flirting back. I've known straight gamers who enjoy pulling this trick, as well as bisexual and homosexual players who live in areas where they are discriminated against to do it, not for fun and games, but for emotional relief.

In closing, at least for me, there is no causality between my sexual orientation or identity and choice of character, only correlation.