Sunday, December 12, 2010

Closed on Account of Weather

though church may be closed on account of weather, sanctury remains open to inquiring minds. step on out of the shelter and into the church of knowledge, the public library.

we come here to study, to learn, to educate ourselves, and most importantly, to warm up from the treachery that is the bitter winter breeze. i can still hear the wind whistling past the broad window, doublepaned for my pleasure, while i sit safely and comfortably within, curling up with a good book.

libraries are as precious to our society as churches and places of worship, if not more so, and yet they suffer from shortages of funding, often far worse than churches. besides state and local funding, what do they run on? certainly not tithing outside of taxes. and yet libraries pose a place of worship and study welcome to all, discriminating against none.

if your local district has no library, my concolences to you. support your local public library, not just with money, but with readership as well.

(sorry for the poor editing, my cell keyboard is fickle)