Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Goal of World Community with Peace, Liberty and Justice for All;

Pretty straightforward, at least I hope so.

According to Google (and my own definition intermingled for greater clarity) a group of nations having common interests.

The world community is a concept of bringing everybody in the world together under unified tolerance of others,  and promotion of "peace, liberty and justice." This is the hope to allow everybody, regardless of their nationality, gender, religion, creed, color, or sexual orientation, free and equal rights in a community that does not judge by all the things that makes us individuals, because, when we are individuals, we can make a greater individual contribution to the world around us and our world community.

If we were all the same (and I feel like I'm repeating myself a bit here) our contributions would be the same. For a group of people who have the same religious viewpoint and the similar artistic abilities, asking them to paint a picture of heaven, or of hell, or of God/s him/her/themselves, the pictures will all be similar. But if you reach out to individuals, with individual and unique concepts and ideas and abilities, all the pictures will be different, unique, and give a better overall understanding of what each concept means to people.