Friday, December 31, 2010

Minecraft As A Tool, Not Just A Game

For those who haven't experienced the wonders of Minecraft, I recommend you go take a look ( It's a giant sandbox-game that allows you to play around freely with a world and try your best to survive.

As we know in this world, there is far more to life than just survival, and despite the graphics that seem blocky at first, they allow you to display your own creativity so much the brighter.

Minecraft As A Tool
I know it's not one of my more popular stories, but I have a ever work-in-progress called "Fortress Race" (deviantArt) that needs a place to live. It's very difficult for me to build a world map without using a graphics engine (as I'm not the best visual artist), and Minecraft may be exactly what I need. I've tried before using Google SketchUp, but it's just too complicated.

I'd appreciate anyone who stops by and takes a look at Minecraft, and even more so, my story. All feedback is greatly appreciated. If anyone on their own wants to try and build Fortress Race in Minecraft, I'd be happy to supply as much background info that hasn't been posted.

Questions, comments, concerns about anything? Feel free to leave them here as well.