Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This Closet Isn't Big Enough For The Both of Us

I'm amused by people sometimes. I've come out of the closet and am very open about my bisexuality, and yet so many people refuse to believe it. They have their preconceptions about homosexuality and bisexuality (which are often worse than those regarding homosexuality), and say that I don't fit those preconceptions. Mind you, this preconceptions are usually based off what they hear from the popular media and the two or three gays they've managed to meet. Naturally, they haven't visited and participated in homosexual and bisexual communities and discussions as I have, become good friends with several as I have, or realize that we're humans just as they are. Nonetheless, they come to me and disagree with me about my sexuality because I violate what rules they've made about homosexuals and bisexuals. They tell me I'm not bisexual, that I'm pretending, confused, questioning, curious, in denial, or trying to deceive or fit in. 

Yes, I've come out of the closet on my sexuality, but people keep trying to shove me back in!