Saturday, December 11, 2010

Unselfishness a lie.

Unselfishness is a lie. Even the most giving person is completely selfish. There's no hole in my logic. It's quite simple:

Happiness and joy are commodities as much as milk and cookies. Pride too. Every virtue and vice, every emotion we can feel, experience and attribute to ourselves is an intangible commodity, and for every commodity, there is a market for it.

Once you starting looking for them, you'll see them in all over, and they're not hiding. There are markets that trade intangible commodities for tangible ones. Every charity trades money for satisfaction. Every adoption agency trades money for happiness and redistributed overpopulation. Every church trades time and money and hard work for salvation.

Give of yourself freely to any of these, and you receive happiness, joy, pride... even giving beyond your means translated to pain, and those who thrive in taking pain for payment are selfish in this.

So give. Give time, money, love, happiness, health, prosperity, blood, hope, and salvation. And be proud and call yourself Selflessly selfish: be selfish for the sake of others.