Monday, January 31, 2011

Crossdressing For Fashion

I enjoy clothing and eclectic fashion, and unfortunately, though I’m a guy, I prefer the creativity found in women’s styles. I understand and acknowledge that women have a form more suited to unique expression through cloth.

My personal fascination falls between technopunk and steampunk, and I celebrate the beauty of many styles between and outside those two specialities.

As I said before: unfortunately, I’m a guy, and so I cannot indulge myself without considerable undertaking, in these styles, and among the people I typically associate, my female friends fall into two non-overlapping categories: those that look good in the sort of clothing that I am drawn to, and those that are will to wear wear it for me.

Now, for clarity's sake, I am not saying that those who are will to wear it for me are  unattractive, as they are very definitely attractive, but the majority of the styles and fashions that fascinate me are designed for a very select range of body types. And, indeed, if only I wear female, I would fall into that range.

Nonetheless, I am grateful to be male, and would not wish for a change. That, however, does not stop me from wishing to wear these styles, or have someone close to me who does and often and in close (very close) proximity to me. It is also no help that I have a goatee that is very dear to me (especially since my facial hair grows slowly) and to feel comfortable crossdressing, I would have to shave it off.