Saturday, January 1, 2011

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is

Does anybody really care about time?
(Chicago, 1969)

Apparently they do, as these years change and the calendar rolls over, we feel we must celebrate. But what are we celebrating? Christmas was last week, the solstice was a little before that. The Chinese New Year on the other hand lines up with the lunar new year.

Our new year just seems to be an ambivalent day at the end of December, month number twelve.

I know so many people celebrate the passing of the old year, hoping that this upcoming year, at last, the grass will be greener, or, if they had a good year, just as green.

If so I can't imagine why 
We've all got time enough to die

Bi, tri, quad, pent, hex, hept, oct, non, dec...

Wait a second.... why is December the twelfth month?

If you didn't know, Julias Caesar decided he was important enough to have a month named after him. That's where we get July. His successor, Augustus (sound familiar?) wanted a month of his own, so stole a few more days from all the moths as well. Unfortunately, he was still a few days short of July, so stole them from February, which is why February has fewer days.