Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dreaming Featurette: Missing The Ground

Whether you're in control of your dream or not, lucid or dreaming passively, flight is still an amazing phenomenon. Everybody flies differently, and no method is any better or worse than the others.

Like A Bird...
Flap your wings or your ears to leave the ground. Some may sprout wings, some may transform into a bird, some may just wave their arms about.

Like A Plane...
Just spread your arms and go. Lift off, using your feet and arms to steer, and hands as spoilers. Depending on the level of technology in your dream, you might also be wearing a jet pack. Some people may need to get a running start, for others, just jumping may be sufficient.

Like A Fish...
In the dream world, air may behave like a fluid, and even when it doesn't, you can still swim through it. Go ahead and start paddling, there’s no one here to laugh, and if you are being watched, you might find your sort of flying is a common technique in this world.

Like A-laddin...
Sorry, bad joke; the things I do to try and keep a common theme. Just shake your head and move on. Magic may not be something you believe in, but remember, in the dream-world, anything is possible. From flying carpets to seven-league boots, and even animal familiars who will pick you up with their claws (frightening if everything stays a life-like size), you can fly through using a magical tool.

With a Harness and Saddle (or Bareback) on the Back of A...
Pegasi? Dragon? Roc? Your best friend who happens to have wings? Just be careful doing that last one “bareback,” those with dirty minds might interpret it as something else.

With Your Mind
This is my favorite. Just float. Lift yourself higher into the air mentally and up you go. Sometimes it helps to simultaneous imagine yourself looking down on the world as if your were ten feet tall and imagine yourself your actual height, though maybe that’s just too much work and unnecessary at that.

Have your own way of leaving the ground (without conventional methods of riding an airplane or hang gliding)? I’d love to hear about them. Comment away!


  1. Whenever I fly in dreams it's like swimming, but about 10 feet off the ground. It's always rather precarious, but excellent fun!

  2. More fun than keeping your feet on the ground, I'm sure.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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