Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Homosexuality and Population Control

I'm not making any claims, but this concept popped into my head a few days ago while I was in the shower, and I've been trying to settle it down since.

Simple concept: the world is, if not over-populated, nearing over-population.

Simple concept: the number of non-heterosexuals (easier than listing them out, because I will miss one and then people will get upset and angry at me) appears to be growing.

I'm sure it's just correlation, not causation, and note that for the second concept, I said "appears." We live in a time, now more than ever, when non-heterosexual people can live their lifestyles openly. I know it's not universal yet, and won't be for some time, but the situation is improving.

Footnote: My examples may say "gay" or "lesbian" but I'm referring to all non-heterosexual relationships, only using those common terms for the sake of brevity and clarity. If you have another term that you prefer (as long as it doesn't include heterosexual behavior that allows for reproduction) feel free to substitute.

Suppose a gay couple gets married. Two upstanding (no jokes, please) gentlemen, who, without the aid of science, cannot reproduce, and yet they decide they want to raise a child. Solution? Adopt.

Instead of bringing a new child into the world and increase the strain on global resources, they adopt a child who is already a strain on their home government and bring it into a non-charity- or non-governmentally-funded household. The strain on our global economy is reduced.

Where a straight couple (with no inherent biological issues that impede normal reproduction) simply goes and has a child of their own flesh and blood, adding one more hungry mouth without providing anything for the numerous children in adoption programs around the world, the gay couple removes one hungry mouth from the adoption programs and provides for it themselves.

Just an idea, rattling through this brain of mine until I find an outlet for it.