Thursday, January 20, 2011

How I Found What I Found Myself Finding

Browsing tumblr and other reblogging communities, I often find myself searching terms that my own submissions appear under, to see what else my readership is being led to. Among the foremost terms is dreaming.

Many times now I have stumbled across people looking for a good starting place to learn about lucidity and teaching themselves to control their dreams, and though I more often than not refer them to my "Introduction to Lucid Dreaming" as it is available to all on my deviantart account, that piece was written quite a few years ago now, and contains a lot of technical information that new dreamers do not need to wade through to get to what information they do need. I know it is not the most effective guide, and have been intending on rewriting and updating it for years.

Now that I have a blog, however, I can write it far more easily i
n a lighter tone, than that of an academic paper, as my Introduction called for. In doing this, however I ask that if anything is unclear, not understood, or needs further explanation, please comment and let me know.

Also remember that I am just one dreamer among the many dreamers of this world, and every one has a different path that led them to lucidity. I will only be presenting my own.