Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Judgement Day Was Yesterday

Sorry, you missed it, you weren't chosen, you can all go home now.

We need to live life more fully. It may just be that these claims that Judgement Day is right around the corner are good for us. They force us to see our own mortality and the limited span that we have to live, and encourage us to step forward and take control of our lives.

I don't believe in Judgement Day, and if I did, I don't think I'd be chosen. The scales of Anubis will find me guilty of more sins than acts of goodness, and Horus will go unstarved another day.

Not really, but I've often used Egyptian mythology to paint a pretty (or not-so-pretty) metaphor.

I'm not Catholic and though I was raised in a Christian (Science) household, I no longer consider myself such. If you must put me under a subheading, drop me under Universal Unitarian or Gaiaist/Gaeaist, though the most applicable one I've found is "Non-teleological Pantheist."

Due to my upbringing and my revelations later in live, I've refused to believe in original sin. Just as you can't throw me and my kind (European-Americans) into slavery and indentured servitude for three hundred years to till the soil of this country, you can't hold me accountable for something that may or may not have happened two thousand or six thousand (4004-ish BC) years ago. From original sin, I don't believe that my sins condemn me, nor do I believe I need to go to a third party for forgiveness. I am one with my maker (the Earth) and I don't need a charlatin to commune with Her.

So, if my time comes to be judged, it will not be May 21, 2011, nor 2012 (in which case, it's just time to get a new calendar), but when I lay on my deathbed, hopefully at the end of a, if not long, but fruitful life, filled with not too much joint surgery and therapy.