Friday, January 21, 2011

Learning to Walk Before You Can Run: Getting Started Dreaming

Before you can learn to control your dreams, you need to learn how to remember them after you wake up. The easiest way to improve your "recall" as it's called, is to keep a dream journal.

Many beginning dreamers make the mistake of believing that their dream journal must be written words. This is far from true. The more senses you can remember upon waking, the more practiced you will get at recognizing them while you are in the dream. The entries in your dream journal can contain maps or pictures, lists of common colors, smells, or sounds, textures, anything that you experienced.

Write thing as they come to you, as you might do in a free-write. Many dreams are not linear, and if you try to assemble the events in your head after you wake up, pieces will fall apart and dissolve into forgetfulness before you can capture them.

Dreams are more elusive than rare butterflies, and if you are not in the habit or the practice of hunting them down, they will be all the more difficult to capture. Write down all your dreams, even if all you can put down is a single line, single impression, single image. As you grow as a dreamer, you will find yourself remembering more and more aspects more and more easily.