Sunday, January 9, 2011

Leaving the Dream: An Exercise in Futility?

I know I've worried some people with my talk of comparing Socrates' cavern to Inception, and my personal viewpoints on that, especially when I made the statement that I feel this is the cave wall that I'm experiencing right now.

I need to make some things clear:

One: Just because this plane isn't the top of the pile (or the bottommost turtle) doesn't mean that what we do here isn't worth anything. It very much is. Everything that we do changes ourselves and others, even if my mindset might make me think you're just wallpaper with an extensive algorithm telling you how to behave (which, anybody who is important to me, including my readers, is more than that--the wallpaper part, not the algorithm).

Two: Unlike the model in Inception, I don't believe the way to "wake up" is death. It might be a kick, or just waiting for the timer to go off, or learning how to reach up with my fingers and feel the 3-D VR glasses on my head and take them off (which isn't easy when you're so used to the controller gloves).

It's about thinking outside the box, while believe you live outside the box, but you can't see the sides because you're so close to everything that's inside and don't want to or aren't ready to see the walls and the lid. I've never seen The Truman Show, but I've seen similar concepts that pay tribute to it.

This world that we live in contains more mysteries than we are capable of experiencing, and I have no intentions of cutting out early. I hope this helps to put your minds at rest.