Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Reasons to Buy A Smartphone

I'm trying to go back to school. My grades weren't the best when I left community college three years ago, so I'm taking a new class at the community college to show the university that I'm not the same person, and while I understand that I'll be on academic probation, hopefully this will help reduce its duration.

Fortunately, I have a lot of benefits riding on this that I didn't have before. I've been out in the workplace, seen how difficult it is to get a job these days, worked my butt off to eke a living out of meager wages. I'm not looking at the world the same way as I did three years ago.

I found an online class that's applicable to what I want to major in, with a teacher that I've known and had good experiences with and knows me. I found the textbook available on Kindle for less than the school bookstore wants for it. I found that I can access the course itself through my phone.

I also found someone who I am in love with and is in love with me back and is willing to get on my case if I start to slack.

I have no excuse this time for, not just passing, but acing (pun definitely intended) this class. I am going to do it.