Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Boss Likes Me, My Boss Likes Me Not

I sometimes feel like I'm in the sort of business where my boss gets to decide how successful I am. I get a list number at the beginning of my shift, and that's the list I work off of (telerecruitment, remember). Within that list there could be anywhere from 300 to 3000 names, and the computer feeds them randomly to me. Some lists are successful and contain eager, repeating customers, some are not, and most are somewhere in between.

I've heard people complain about "how the boss doesn't like them, so they never get good lists." I don't think that's quite true. I know I tend to get along well with my bosses and supervisors, but I don't feel as if my "lists" are any better for it.

I think the truth is far more complicated than that.

Let me provide a little more information: the job I do in telerecruitment covers most of Chicagoland, and the company I work for has over a dozen locations scattered around that area. Our customers span from McHenry county and some residents of Wisconsin, to Will county in the south, DeKalb in the west and Lake (of Indiana) in the east. That is a rather large range of demographics.

I like statistics, and so, of my own volition, have kept a record of my calling history, from the area I'm calling, to the date and time, as well at the level of success. I have seen no effort on anyone else's part to do anything similar, and I doubt the company I work for has such a level of record-keeping either.

Bring these two together, and the knowledge that I've been working here fifteen months or so, and patterns start to fall in the data. I've discovered (and no, I won't share) that some areas are more successful on Tuesdays than they are on any other day of the week, and other areas are less successful on Tuesdays.

If the supervisors knew which areas were more successful on which days, I would be more suspicious of any favoritism, but I don't think they do. I do know, that after a while of working, you get a feel for which areas are better on which shifts, but I'd wager that nobody has the numbers to back it up like I do.