Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thank You

Writing isn't an industry that pays well, money-wise, but money isn't everything.

Lately, more often than not, I've been using the art of other artists to create and inspire my own, thusly promoting both themselves and me, and hopefully touching the hearts of both audiences.

This is payment enough.

Some of my pieces are from artists with little fame to their name, and some are inspired by artists that I look up to; most sit somewhere in between. Regardless where on the scale they fall, I am always deeply honored when they come back, read my words, and are touched themselves.

This is payment enough.

Few artists, however, will look further into my galleries and find further inspiration and emotion in those lines, and for these, I am the one who is touched.

This isn't payment, this is honor, and kindness, and leaves me awestruck.

Thank you to every artists who stops by my art galleries and finds something that touches them, and takes the time to let me know that I'm doing something right.

Ace Edmonds