Friday, January 7, 2011

What Kind of Artist Are You?

I recently received a note on one of my art accounts that said the following:

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that we have recently decided to go through our members and remove those who were no longer active on DA. I checked your gallery and noted that you are not really a photographer (our medium of work). Because of this, I had to remove you from the group.

Now certainly, I don't want to be a member if they're going to treat me like this anyway, but it sets me to thinking. 

What makes me the kind of artist I am?

I know I write a lot of poetry, so I must be a poet, right? And presumably a writer too, no? I don't think that's just it at all. I write poetry that other people read and perceive as good quality, and I'm certain that makes a difference. I know that, if I am a poet, I am certainly a prolific one: lately, I've been polishing off at least ten a week, but that is as much due to the fact that I'm partially unemployed and have a lot of time (and emotional frustration) on my hands as finding a lot of inspiration around me to write.

I don't necessarily take a lot of pictures, but when I do take them, I'm very critical of their quality. I'm not going to post something that's blurred unless it's a conceptual piece and that's the effect that I was going for. I'm not going to submit a piece that looks like every other photograph out there that's claiming to be art. I'm going to share something that, to me, feeling unique and holds an emotion.

Emotion is very important to me in all areas that I create in, because I am first and foremost a poet. Being a poet, though, does not exclude me from other areas of artistry.

I think the greatest criteria of being an artist in any particular field are to create passionately, to constantly seek improvement, and to find emotion in the result.

So, regardless what anybody else says: I am a poet. I am a photographer. I am a digital artist.

(It's also brutally cold outside, and as much as I know winter can be beautiful, it's not to me when it's making my joints ache and pain when they move.)