Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who Are You and What Are You Doing On My Internet?

Why this? Why blog, as if I didn't have other mediums to capture my voice and opinions with? It is certainly true that I do, with a well established account on deviantArt. However, I believe that there is a place and time for everything, and deviantArt is just a place for art. The journal there is for art updates, mild comings and goings in my life, and news of my art, not for editorial opinion pieces added on a daily basis. It may seem like an incovenience for some to be sent out to another website if they want to read the points of view that their "friendly neighborhood artist" posts, but here nobody is inundated with my art, only with my editorials.

If you want art, go to an art website. If you want opinions, go to a blog.

I certainly have no qualms with showing samplings of my art, or personal reviews and interpretations, but that will hardly be the main topic to arise here. So far, I've seen a considerable number of readers drawn to my Smartphone/Android articles and my Dreaming/Lucidity articles, with those on sexuality in a close third. If these sorts of posts are what you're looking for, rest assured more will be on the way. If not, then still no worries: I will continue posting on any and all topics that I stumble across and find worthy of several paragraphs. You might not see them right away, within a day of their writing, but I will in due time post everything that's sitting in the queue.

If you feel there's something I have not addressed, or am unlikely to, by all means post me a message, and I will do my utmost to discover what about it makes me tick.