Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Lucid Dream at All?

I find people criticize most harshly that which they cannot understand on their own, and instead of reaching out for support, they slap it away, deeming it worthless, not just to themselves, but to all.

What is the purpose of lucid dreaming? It is after all, our subconscious, and being of the subconscious implies that it is not controllable by the superego.

In truth, lucid dreaming is not about control. It is not about limitations and boundaries and order. It is about opening the frontier to pure creativity, chaos, and freedom. Too much of our lives is controlled, if not by ourselves, then by the world we manifest in. In order to grow and remain free, we must have access to untapped resources. That resource is the subconscious. It is bottomless and endlessly renewable.

With lucid dreaming, we can take better control of our lives. With a boundless world can we strengthen and redefine our waking-world boundaries. With dreaming, even without the implementation of lucidity, we can be truly free.

There are many places in this waking-world without freedom. No freedom of speech, even on the internet. No freedom of religion, even within ones' own home. No freedom of creativity, except within ones' imagination. Even our waking-minds can be penetrated, brainwashed, violated, but hidden deep within the subconscious, within the primal mind, we can never truly be tamed.

Lucid dreaming is not about control, it is about being free from control.