Thursday, February 17, 2011

All Addictions Are The Same

All addictions are unhealthy, even ones that take root in healthy behavior.

However, my primary addiction is far from healthy: I have what's called a "connectivity addiction."

I am addicted to being connected to others and the world. I have a desktop computer, an Android phone, and (as the newest addition to my device library) a netbook. I may not be constantly updating my status on Facebook (especially since those who do do that I find quite annoying), but I do tend to micromanage my other accounts on other websites, most notably, deviantArt.

I have plenty of instant messenger accounts on several different platforms, created under the guise that anyone can reach out to me, duplicating my point of view when it comes to posting my art on a variety of art communities. I belong to quite a few forums, where, even as a lurker, I still feel more connected to people than if I turned off my device and spent time with people in a face-to-face setting.

I suppose, if it was easier for me to interact with people in a face-to-face setting, I would be less inclined to dive into the world of the internet and shun physical contact. Unfortunately, I do socialize far better from behind a device and a screen than I do in closer proximity to people.

I would willing isolate myself (almost) completely if I could, working, living, socializing in a small room with all the comforts of home and little reason to step outside and physically shake someone's hand. Let me be clear, though: that is not to say I would never leave that room or apartment; simply that I would not need to.