Sunday, February 6, 2011

Community Feeling Minus the Group Worship

After I stopped believing in what my family believed in, Christian Science, because it was the religion I was born into but it didn't mesh with my own personal beliefs, I stopped searching for a church. It wasn't at all that I wasn't interested in spirituality or religion, but I didn't want to return to a group worship setting.

I still don't belove in group worship, because we are all individuals and all of our journeys are different, but I have found a church where people attend to aid each other in their individuality. A church where the focus is on community and ethical living, not oppression or exclusivity of belief.

Church without group worship? How can that be?

Well, the prayer portion is more meditation based; the hymns and readings are from all sources, well known poets, philosophers, and a variety of beliefs; the service is indeed Christian-based, but the sermon is on ethics, morals, freedoms.

It provides me with that sense of community that I need, that I feel I need, without demanding anything of me other than that I share it. Since I don't socialize well outside of work, and very often, not well inside of work, the only sense of community I get from my friends is when they introduce and recommend me to their friends.