Friday, February 4, 2011

Could The US Shut Down The Internet?

According to CNN's post, they could. But would they dare?

I believe, if the US government tried to censor communications in such a way, any control they were trying to gain would be lost. There is a very high number of individuals in the US who are already finding ways around similar roadblocks, and such an action would only encourage the majority of the remaining population to follow suit.

We are part of a country that likes to take advantage of our freedoms, but if those freedoms are suddenly snatched away... I believe the results in the US would be much more extreme than they are in Egypt for two reasons (beside those already mentioned):

First, our country and our population are far more accustomed to having continuous or nearly-continuous access to all methods of communication (and if the government decided to shut down the internet, they would need to shut down phone service as well).

Second, our country is currently well-removed from a major, unifying event. It takes extreme circumstances to unify our country, as the school shooting have not quite done, but the WTC tragedy did.

Could they do it? Yes
Would it be worth it? Very definitely no.