Sunday, February 20, 2011

It Fades Away Before You Hear What I Have To Say

...not so loud a whisper
It seems as though it fades away before you hear what I have to say...
Silence speaks louder than words sometimes, but not everybody listens
It be known to all who’d only shut their mouth...

--Excerpt from "Louder Than Words" by Greenwheel

There's so little that I can do to reach out and change the world, because so many people out there are straining to be heard as well. I am doing all that I can, and yet it is not enough; it is never enough.

I'm seeing too many posts alone on lucidity and dreaming filled with falsehoods and lies that are discouraging people from trying it for themselves. Too many insist that one or two ways are the only ways, and the newcomers to the subject often don't find that they way works for them. Instead of continuing to search for more ways to do it, they turn away, believing those who say "This is the only way."

I'm trying to bring people out the their closemindedness and show them that there are other ways of doing things, that it is not enough to simply "dream bigger," you need to dream broader, more creatively, classier.

I hope all who see the wisdom in my words are willing to help. I hope there are many more out there who see wisdom in my words than who discount my words. I hope...

I hope many things, but the world turns too slowly and I am but one person in a sea of faces, climbing and clamoring for attention.