Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just Because The Zoo Is Closed Doesn't Mean The Keepers Go Home

They actually had to emphasize that on the news the other day when warning of the portending snowfall. I know a lot of local businesses have closed due to the snow, but the world is still turning.

With the advent of the internet, the world can keep running, and especially with the miniaturization of technology, power consumption has gone down to the point where even if the weather causes a power outage, we can continue to work. At worst case scenario, I can use my car as a makeshift generator to charge my smartphone.

The local community college is closed, mostly. Live classes have been cancelled, but I'm not enrolled in a live class. Online classes are still going. I'm sure if there were widespread blackouts, which I'm not experiencing, that would change.

I understand that not everyone can own this technology. Or, at least, that is the idea that many people are presented with. Much like the Lucid-Loughner exaggeration, this is another.

One: yes, my Droid may have cost two hundred dollars after rebate, and I may be putting out a fair amount each month to power and run and service it, but there are cheaper options. Verizon and AT&T are not the only service providers. Cricket now also has an Android phone through their lines of service.

Two: I do not own a laptop. I have made the decision to use my cell phone as if it were my laptop, thus my extensive use of the Google Docs and other Google services that allow me mobile access to desktop utilities.

Three: cost effectiveness is determined by usefulness as well as quality and quantity of use. I use my phone almost as much as I use my desktop computer, and I am an 80-plus-hour-per-week computer user. I sleep with my phone; I use my phone while I’m on another computer, both independently and to interact with the computer.

I do not feel that the two hundred dollars for the phone and one hundred plus a month for service is an expense, and that is an important distinction. Instead, that is an investment in my own efficency.