Saturday, February 19, 2011

Murphy and I Have A Love-Hate Relationship

Murphy loves to screw up my life and I hate every waking moment.

This is not me exaggerating: this is me being honest (not that I'm not normally honest on here).

I've been laid off from three retail/sales stores. That's laid-off, not to be confused with fired or quit; as in the place where I was employed isn't there anymore.

I was fired from a Greeting position (yes really) at a cell-phone store for being an over-achiever. (Okay, the words they used weren't quite those. They said I was "helping the customers" and was "told repeatedly to stop"--the former is true, the latter is false.)

I'm currently working in a telemarketing position where my pay is hourly, not based on performance, and they're threatening to fire me for "lack of dedication." Lack of dedication? Really? That is BS. I work hard, because I've been unemployed way too many times and don't like it. I work hard, above and beyond what they ask, advertising for the company when I'm not on shift, and keep more detailed statistics than the company does. Lack of dedication? No, the reason they're threatening to fire me is because my numbers are too low. Do I get to pick my region of focus? No, it's assigned randomly every shift. Maybe the problem is with the system, but I can't prove that, because not everybody is getting this threat.

I had one of my supervisors sit behind me a few shifts ago to "help me be more smooth in my delivery." Ten minutes after sitting behind me she said (and I quote) "Wow, Andrew, I've never really listened to you before. You sound really good."

I don't even match friends up anymore. Last time I found two of my friends who didn't know each other but had a lot in common and I introduced them to each other, they decided they liked each other better than they liked me. In the span of about ten minutes, they each gained a friend and I lost two!

I'm not sharing this to ask for sympathy; I don't want it. I'm sharing this so you can see where I'm coming from when I share my point of view on things, and it seems extremest or warped.