Friday, February 25, 2011

My Second Great Addiction

Information, plain and simple.

(For those who don't remember, Connectivity was my first.)

I work during the summer for a pool supply company, I believe I've mentioned before, in the Parts and Technical Support division. A place where knowing a lot about the product and knowing how and where to find more is a marketable skill. I take notes on everything, not just my calling statistics. If I have a question for the supervisor, I write down the answer. If the customer or a coworker gives me information, I write it down. If I inadvertently overhear someone talking about something that might be useful to know, I slip to the back page of my notebook and discretely jot it down.

As the season started coming to an end, along with my second notebook, I started compiling the data. It was quite a daunting task, because many of my notes were incomplete, and much of the information was shuffled together, since I wrote it down as I gained it, instead of in some semblance of order.

I started with one method of storing the information shift. As he season ended, I was barely into converting that digital method (a wikipedia-based system) into something printable. Unfortunately, I fell out of the practice of working on it over the winter/off-season, and now, as the season is starting to kick back in, I have a partially compiled encyclopedia and missing notebooks.

Nonetheless, I will continue my project into this year. I can easily print out the pages I have completed and not need to worry about messing up the page numbers, as I came up with a simple and flexible numbering system.

This will be my second year working for this company, and I hope the information I have on hand gives me a nice boost into this season.

Though I've already experienced my coworkers' jealousy with my habit, I fully intend to be as useful to them as I am to the customer.