Thursday, February 10, 2011

Switch In My Head

I was talking with a friend, about a dream she had where instead of doing a flip or jumping, she closed her eyes and imagined the room rotating around her instead. This certainly sounds like something you may only see and do in a dream, but I've found other applications for it as well.

I think I remember (or maybe I'm imagining that I'm remembering, which sadly happens sometimes) that people who had a switch like that in their heads were better able to handle zero-gravity situations. Maybe that was in Ender's Game, or Red Thunder, or maybe (as I said) I'm making it up; it's also possible that it is actually true.

I know it's either the same switch or a very closely-related switch that allows me to see the vase or the two faces, which is the same one that makes the dancer change directions as she spins.

So, is the enemy's gate ahead of you, above you, or below you? Does the elevator hold still while the skyscraper scrolls up and down? It's all a matter of perspective. Is your imagined point of view affect the world? Or are you just imagining things?

Learning to see things in a new light is sometimes exactly what some people need to get past a road block: maybe it's time to stand still and make the road block do all the work...