Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Technology Isn't Always Tangible

Technology comes in many different forms, and isn't limited to electronics, software, or hardware.

During the summer, I work in Parts and Technical Support for a pool supply company, and during the seasonal re-training (which is this week), I found out about new products that we'll be selling. These new products are not pool cleaners, not water toys, not accessories or equipment; they're chemicals.

Enzymes to help keep certain particulates at bay, a new "liquid solar blanket," clarifiers and algaecides and balancers, oh my! All of these are new technologies, new methodologies to help keep your water clean, clear, and safe.

So perhaps these are all tangible examples, things you can pool in your hand (though I certainly wouldn't recommend it), but the knowledge behind them in not. The knowledge that led to these breakthroughs, the inquiring minds that aren't afraid to take a leap of faith to reach a new realm of productivity.

The thought-processes that they have developed might be breakthroughs, or might just be building another step in the staircase we already climb. That is the true intangible resource: progress.