Sunday, March 6, 2011

Antiphonal Reading #151

I wish I could be like a bird in the sky.
How sweet it would be if I found I could fly.
I'd soar to the sun and look down at the sea,
then I'd sing 'cause I'd know how it feels to be free.
-Billy Taylor and Dick Dallas
Found in Singing the Living Tradition, available on

It almost goes without saying that my favorite creature is the butterfly, and yet my favorite bird is the red-tailed hawk. The bird in this area that is best known for soaring, be it over prairie grass or parking lots, is the one which always catches my eye. Suburbia has not been altogether kind to it, and yet nonetheless, it has found a place.

Too often I find myself driving, usually to an errand or appointment that I daren't be late for, when I spot one. The other drivers around me are notoriously oblivious, trapped in their cars and their worlds, many losing sight of their dreams whenever they open their eyes in the morning. They seem to enjoy watching us from the pillars of our own creation, telephone poles, street lights, church crosses, and occasionally telephone wires themselves. Trees, to, certainly, when they are around and convenient, but we as mere humans, intent on controlling our environment often don't hold nearly as much sway as we'd like to over trees.

I don't just watch the world go by as I drive. I wish I could be more of a part of it than I have opportunity. I wish it could be more free itself around me than the inconvenience it has become to this world. I wish I could know the world, nature herself, as She was meant to be, instead of what she has become, fenced in between streets named after the wildlife that they suffocate and crowd-out.

I wish...

The say many people had been born to early, and of me, perhaps I have been born too late, many aspects of me better suited to a simpler time. And yet, there are still many aspects of me that thrive in this world we humans have surrounded ourselves with. Perhaps I have been born too early, and would have been better to live during the fall of human civilisation. Still, there's no telling what may come tomorrow; it is certainly possible that I was born at precisely at the right time, and civilisation has already begun to fall.