Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Antiphonal Reading #179

Words that we hold tight won't let us go.
Paths we don't follow will haunt us so.
What will undo us is not our friend.
-Bishop Dr. Adedeji Ishola
From Singing the Living Tradition.

Oh, I saved the first for another day
but knowing how way can lead on to way
I doubted how I should ever come back.
-Robert Frost

Life is indeed about choices. I hope this comes as no surprise to anyone. Though I've discussed how it may be true that we can and do make all choices at every fork in the road, we only experience one. In all references to the theory of the Conservation of Consciousness that I've found, in all of them, in order to find out the local (meaning this version's) history, we have to ask a native: someone in this version who lived it.

We were imported from another version, where the lifeline terminated itself early, and our memories are personal. When we replace the previous self that inhabited this new timeline, we do not gain their memories. To have memories of two conflicting timelines would change who we were, and that seems to violate a law of the universe: we cannot be changed as human beings except through events we experienced. As we did not experience all the events in the alternate timeline, they did not influence the person we have become, and therefore they cannot be something that happened to us. If they were something that happened to us, then our timeline, the one that was terminated, would not have been terminated for exactly the reasons that the one we were imported into survived.

I know that seems convoluted, but I'm not sure of any other way to explain it. Best of luck.