Saturday, March 5, 2011

Antiphonal Reading #181

No matter if you live now far or near,
No matter what your weakness or your strength,
There is not one alive we count outside.
May deeper joy for all now come at length.
--Sutta Nopata
Found in Singing The Living Tradition, available on

Wherever you hale from, I hope my words don't push anyone away. I only seek to use this space to show how I see the world, not to preach of it; to show what my mind interprets the world and the creations of its inhabitants to mean, not that these are the only answers.

I try to reach out and touch people, not with my hands, but with my heart to their own. This is why I write, the poetry and verse that often comes so easily to me. I want to touch everybody, let them know they are worthy of these words that I feel welling up inside me, and if I must, I'll write a poem for everyone. I know I'm just getting started.

I, just last night, picked up a book that I haven't read in so long, Prentice Alvin by Orson Scott Card, and it speaks of a time when children were apprenticed to a professional to learn their life's work. I feel I'm doing much the same, but instead of having an expert teach me how to write and capture emotions and meanings on the page, the world is teaching me; instead of learning how to light a fire by someone who knows how to cook, I'm learning from the tutelage of a volcano or a brush fire.

No learning is easy, especially when the practice being learned is never perfected, ever evolving, growing, reaching out to more and more people. Writing as I seek to is something only my audience can truly teach me, and I hope you all are willing to help me on this road until I am ready for my journeyman piece.