Monday, March 7, 2011

Antiphonal Reading #209

Oh, come you longing, thirsty souls,
Drink freely from the spring.
And come, you weary, famished folk,
and end your hungering.
Why spend yourself on empty air?
Why be not satisfied?
For everywhere a feast is spread
That's always at our side.
-Isaiah 55
From Singing the Living Tradition, available on

I do celebrate the earth and nature as my Goddess, and despite all the damage we have done to her, as either unruly students or disobedient children, still, she reaches out to us and teaches us. There is so much of this world that we do not understand, and perhaps we never will. The puzzles and the mysteries surround and confound us, and though She may recognize that we would rather learn through our own mistakes (much like myself in a far more personal capacity), She is willing to let us go and learn, and always there with a quiet lesson when we are ready to be still and quiet.

There is a line in Kung Fu Panda which is quite appropriate to this.

It is said that the [willing student] can go months without eating, surviving on... the energy of the universe.

I speak not in the literal term of fasting from sustenance, as they do in the movie (quite an over-dramatization, I assure you) but in the figurative sense. Energy of the universe manifests itself in foods that we till, harvest, and eat. And still their is more. Food is not the only thing we hunger for in this life, but also knowledge. More opportunities for learning and gaining knowledge and wisdom ever surround us, if we ever took the time to slow down, quiet ourselves, stop demanding things be brought to us, and simply let them be.

The world we live in can be such a wondrous place if we only let it take the time to come to us of its own volition, instead of insisting on hunting it down, butchering it, and pinning it to cardboard to be dissected at our leisure.