Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day Three of Hat-Making

Today begins day 3 of working on my newest ear hat.

I'm in the process of restitching the seams on the ears and the cap sections, because on Day One I couldn't find my black thread and didn't find it until late into Day Two. Still, it seems to be falling together amazingly well.

I was passed along a hat-making tutorial a while back, but I'm not really using it. Instead, I'm reverse-engineering my other hats, taking what parts of each that I like about how they're put together. So I'm not exactly stealing anybody's design, and since I don't have any intention of selling them, where's the fault if I was?

I'm also not try to cheat my hat-providers of business, but I can't really afford to keep buying hats from them until I get a better job or two and get the rest of my expenses taken care of, at which point I'll have money, but less free time.

This is also an experiment. I'm trying to build a mohawk into the hat in a way that I've yet to see anyone try. I've seen many styles of cloth mohawks, and none of them really stand up that well. They're flashy in the hypothetic world where they do (or just the right wind conditions), but otherwise they look sad. Hopefully my experiment changes that.

Wish me luck!