Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Should Have Done This Years Ago

I was given a new desk lamp for my birthday, and I really needed one, considering my previous one I'd owned for probably 14 years and we originally found it used on the curb, waiting to be thrown out. So it died, at long last; the wiring was fine but it started falling apart.

Now I have a medusa lamp, with five bulbs in it. I started with all white fluorescents, but where's the fun in that? I swung by Menard's today and picked up four more interesting bulbs (keeping a single white). I was looking for purple, but found blue instead, picked up a purple and a pair of black-lights.

Naturally, the black-lights are the part that I'm mentioning in the title. Sure, they hurt my eyes if I look directly at the bulbs for any length of time, but more the most part I have them pointed at two opposing walls.

Now, in most adolescents' rooms, you'd probably expect the walls to be covered in posters. Being the geek that I am (aside from my Einstein posters) I have all anime wall scrolls. I love them all the more under black-light.

Continuing the concept of me being a geek, when I was pre-teen, I had a love of glow-in-the-dark things, and my parents found a wall paper border that does exactly that. Anyone who is familiar with black-lights knows that they supercharge GITW things. They've been fading slowly over the years, losing their glowiness (shut up spell-check, that's a perfectly legitimate word), but now, thanks to the black-lights, they're brighter than the day we put them up.

I definitely should have done this a long time ago.