Friday, March 25, 2011

Seeds and Geocaching

In the real world, geocaching is about leaving a treasure in a space that's marked only by its geographical coordinates, then sharing those coordinates with a fellow hunter who goes and finds the treasure for themselves. It's a booming hobby with the descending cost of technology and the exploding interest in reclaiming the outdoors.

But I think geocaching is going to start coming indoors, into the world of Minecraft. With the new advantage of controlling the seeds in a world, people are starting to visit certain landscape builds, exercising more control over their worlds and discovering magical landscapes. This is a game that everybody with a paid account can access, without ever leaving the safety of their home.

Floating mountains with Avatar-like waterfalls, innocuous hills with enormous caverns, overhangs and land-bridges, worlds guaranteeing certain biomes, for when you might want to play in a desert, winter, or temperate sandbox have all become available.

And just more available, for in previous versions of Minecraft, you could find such wonders, but they were random and there was no guarantee that the'd be there. Now you can enter in a previously examined seed, spawn in a random location, and go on your own hunt for these wonders. Minecraft geocaching.