Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sometimes We Get Dealt Really Good Cards

Finding joy and happiness in your life is as much who you find yourself with, whether through circumstance or intent, as where you find yourself.

One the most fortunate things to happen to me was to find myself among the company of wonderful people as are in the Parts and Technical Support division of my summer job. It's so easy to find a call center where humor is frowned upon, and is indeed found in other divisions of the company I work for. However, because I was inducted into the Parts Department last year, and because this Parts Department is so good at what it does that its members are given some leeway, at least in terms of time between calls. Certainly, when we're on the phone, we are as professional (if not more so) than the other divisions.

General re-training was last week, and this week is Parts and Tech re-training, since this year we're dealing with so much more than the numerous things we handled last year. Our supervisor has many responsibilities, and since we are capable workers, as he wandered off for a meeting, we continued practicing various procedures, including special orders.

With any other group of people, as well as with every telling, this story loses humor (and that comes as no surprise). We were passed a catalog for one of the manufactures and asked to pick random items, find pricing, and go through the steps to order the items on the training software.

It started with a wire harness. I chose a page at random, found an item called a "front access cover," and with any group of people who are comfortable making dirty jokes at each others' expense, the quality of our item choices degenerated. The third part chosen was a "guide cone for a tire rod," followed by "nipple connectors" (a completely valid part name), and finally "mender nuts" (in a four-pack).

I haven't laughed so hard in too long. I also haven't had such luck in coming up with spur-of-the-moment comeback lines as I did during that session.

We are a team that works well together, does good work with the customers both inside and outside the company, and for that we get allowances that allow us to chat, joke, and help the day go by even just a little bit faster.

As much as I get impatient with the customers sometimes (scratch that: often) I do enjoy working here.