Monday, March 28, 2011

These Are Not All Rhetorical Questions

you keep trying to block me
but I'm more numerous than you know
I have names long stashed away,
sleeper cells ready to go.
-"Nearly Anonymous" by Ace Edmonds, available on deviantArt.

I do watch the stats of my postings, trying to find out what draws people in, since few replies are ever posted. I know I ask a lot of questions, and I do it to inspire people to talk back to me. My questions are more often than not not rhetorical. And if I felt that people were responding to a rhetorical question, I'd be certain to include more asides (since I clearly have no issues with using asides) for clarification (case in point).

So why do people not respond? (Not rhetorical)

Could it be that you don't have an account on here or don't want to register for one? (Not rhetorical) I can understand if you don't want to take up the time to register, even if it doesn't take very long. There are other website accounts that can be used to reply with, not just Blogger. You can also use accounts from LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), and an OpenID.

Maybe you do have an account, but you don't want to use your account to reply to controversial questions because I seem to like asking them? (Not rhetorical) It's true, I do like asking them, mostly because they bring in readers. (Let me be clear though: I don't write in order to generate pageviews. I generate pageviews such that I can feel I'm being heard.) You can create multiple accounts to reply if you want to be anonymous. I know many websites frown upon that, but as long as you're doing it with good intentions, I have no issues with it. Last time I checked, it takes about 30 seconds to create a new AIM account (since I have about six of my own) and no email address (though it's recommended for password recovery). As long as you are using the multiple accounts to post replies and not spam, not hate mail, not flames, I have no issues with it.

Maybe you just don't have an answer to my questions. Do you always know where you stand on every issue? (Rhetorical) I know I don't. I write these pieces up as an abbreviated display of my own thought processes, trying to discover new ideas and resurrect old concepts. Take into consideration my post about my religion: since I am not dedicated to following any given major (or minor) body of belief, I have to discover everything on my own. Death. Resurrection. Rebirth. Rules for living. Every aspect that someone who does dedicate themselves to an established body of belief usually takes for granted; but because I'm not satisfied with letting someone else determine what I think and how I feel, I choose my own course, make my own mistakes, but learn my own self all the better.

So please reply, in whatever manner is easiest for you. Better to make your opinions known and be thought less of for them than to have them ignored, stomped on, disregarded as ignorant or inconsequential, even if you have to use a false name to build up the courage to say them. Remember, you can always go back and claim responsibility for past statements under a false name.

Please, talk to me. Is there something I'm dong, writing about that you don't like? (Not rhetorical) Is there an issue that you feel I haven't sufficiently addressed, or not addressed at all? (Not rhetorical) Is there something I've said that's not clear? (Not rhetorical) Have I said anything that blatantly wrong? (Not rhetorical) Are you confused by the difference between rhetorical and non-rhetorical statements? (Not rhetorical)

Is that so hard? (Rhetorical)