Friday, March 18, 2011

Throwing Off My Schedule

Sorry, folks, this second job is throwing off my posting schedule. I hope nobody is terribly disappointed that I can't keep to my ten-ish posting schedule. Working two jobs may not be fun, but taking care of all the parts requests is, and so is having money in my pockets.

Unfortunately, the other problem I'm having is my brain is all focus on work, and not at all wanting to focus on what to chat with you folks about.

So, my hat.

It looks good for the first try. I'm seriously surprised. The next part is the experimental part, but I have to hold off until my left arm gets back in sync and stops hurting. If it was just one joint, I'd be fine, but no, I've got the triumvirate: wrist-elbow-shoulder.

The mohawk will be magnificent. I hope.