Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cr-48 System Update

Some time in the night, Google sent out a system update that left me a little confused. When my netbook came back online, my mouse wasn't working.


I discovered they changed the settings so you had to click the mousepad to click the mouse instead of just tapping. Didn't like that at all. So I went in search of a version history. Still can't find one.

If you know where Google posts their version history log, please let me know. I'd really love to see it. And if they don't share what's updated in the past versions, they really should.

So I popped down under the hood. There are several new options, and among them "Enable tap-to-click" had been deselected. There's also a new sensitivity adjustment (or maybe I just didn't see it before) and menus where I haven't seen menus and options before.

This is why I want to see the version history: so I can see what has changed and focus on testing and reporting on the changes. 

I understand if they don't want to post future changes, ones that may not have been completely planned out yet, but I just was recent and past changes in the versions that those of us who are testers have already worked through. It's just good business.