Friday, April 8, 2011

ETM: Eidetic Tactile Memory

People often misdefine the word "eidetic," believing it means "perfect recall," but that's a misconception. In truth, it's the ability to recall things with extreme precision and abundant volume (thank you, Wikipedia). This is often fictionalized to an extreme extent and called "photographic memory."

There's another problem with the misunderstood definition: for many, it only works for certain mediums or modes of information transfer. For some, books and reading materials, for others conversations, or weather, or art and pictures.

For me, tactile contact. Touch.

I've known (in the biblical sense of the word) a fair number of people (not saying I'm promiscuous), and every one that I have touched (not emotionally) I can remember. Certainly not every moment independently, but I can recall the sum of their parts and responses to associated touches.

It's not a great conversation piece with significant others, but it makes great filler for a blog!