Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jump Starting eBooks

There's one really big problem I have with eBooks: I have to buy copies that I already own hard copies of.

I very much like the idea of having digital copies of books, especially since I'm trying to get a place of my own, as small as possible, as well as trying to become less materialistic and concerned with "worldly possessions."

Yes, I still love the feel of paper; yes, I love paging through past read; yes, I love telling a book is well loved by the nubmer of cracks in the spine. Yes, I love all the things that you get with hard copies that you don't get with eBooks, but for one: storage.

Digital storage is far more convenient and portable. It's smaller. But it's also a considerable financial undertaking to get copies of all the books I have hard copies of converted into digital eBooks.

If there isn't a service, there needs to be one.