Saturday, April 16, 2011

On Dreaming: Forgetting the Elephant

Hypothetically it's possible, but unlikely: forgetting reality or losing sight of it, becoming so addicted to dreaming that reality is cast by the wayside, or that the dreaming world starts to become confused with the waking one.

Hypothetically possible, but unlikely.

It's very easy to find yourself preferring the dream world over the waking one, and the dream world is by nature more vivid than the waking world, once you train yourself to remember and see all of the details. That takes a lot of experience and training and practice, and with all that practice, you do learn control and better ways to differentiate between the waking and dreaming worlds.

Anyone who argues that Jared (yes, I'm bringing him back up again after all this time) lost track of the difference of reality and dream when he fired those shots is hiding from his possible insanity and delusions. If he was as practiced at dreaming as he claimed, he would be able to tell the difference.

Reality is a really big elephant, and it's not easy to forget.