Monday, April 25, 2011

On Spoilers: May Contain Spoilers

Spoilers give away the end, right?

But I don't care about what happens at the end. It doesn't matter where the characters end up, if I don't understand how the characters evolved to get to the end. It's a journey versus destination concept.

Consider Harry Potter. He kills Voldemort. Whoop-de-doo. But how can a 12 year-old who has been raised as a muggle kill the Dark Lord? He can't. Disregarding the journey and jumping to the end brings no satisfaction. Harry Potter is a good story, not because "good" triumphs over "evil," but because "uncertain" grows up to be "good" after being tempted to be "evil." Without knowing all of the temptations Harry has to be less than his very best, we can never fully understand why and how such a pitiful little boy can save the world.

Journey versus destination. The only spoilers that I care about are the ones that tell me about the journey without having to go on the journey. And that goes for life too. I could care less if you told me where I'm going to end up, though it will certainly be "dead" like everyone else, but if you told me the choices I would make along the way, that would be a considerable let down.

Spoiling the journey is the greatest spoiler of all.