Monday, April 18, 2011

On Writing: Cairo

The window was still there, as unlikely as it was, beside the one-way, glassed observation room. If it had been a normal window, it would have looked into the observation room, the attached electronics closet, or the hallway beyond both, but it wasn't and as such, it didn't. ...
It was easy to close out the world, sitting in a white room on a comfortable floor, watching a world through a window that only I could see.
From "Beijing" by Ace Edmonds, available on

This story is another reinvention of a concept that I've long been fascinated by: that we have access to the dream world even as we are awake through a physical manifestation of the window to the soul.

I first wrote a piece back in 2007 entitled "The Window," and have continued to create derivations of it as my artistic style has grown and blossomed, even going so far as to create digital art in Google SketchUp.

I do admit much inspiration has been brought to me by Charles deLint, as I own many of his books and reread them regularly. I am careful to give credit when applicable, lest someone take something the wrong way and my choice of writing is compromised. Yes, I do love his creations. Yes, I do find inspirations in his books. No, I do not want to write like him; I am trying to develop my own style. There's already one Charles deLint in this world, there's no need for another.

I am a decent writer in my own right, I have no need to become him. I look up to him, but do not worship him. That said, the best compliment I've received on my art was when someone compared me to him, without my mentioning his name first. (It was on my "Vampire Monologues" from 2008, a story concept I have long thought about revisiting.)

This piece, "Beijing," is the first time I have referred to the gateway as a door, not a window. With it being a door, one can except the intention of passing through it, as well as finding someone on the other side, just as Cairo does. He still has yet to make his way across to the other side (and has yet to tell me whether he does or not) but I do expect him to find a way to help out Beijing once more.