Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sum of All Things

Ash pits, boggy graves, nuclear bombs, tubercle bacillus, Yosemite Falls, abortion, the polio vaccine, all are part of the sum total of everything that is and therefore nature. Nothing that is goes against nature, because nature is the way things are.
-"This Nature" by Pattiann Rogers

This world is everything that we have, everything that we are, and it is all connected. If you ever find yourself doubting the connectedness, yawn in a crowded room.

Just because things are natural, or come from nature, implies nothing of their healthiness. Too many people trick themselves into thinking something is healthy, under the guise that it is "natural." Many health food stores and professionals try to pull the wool over so many eyes using this very guise.

Pedophiles... are nature. ...We may call these particular acts horrors, but they are horrors that are part of nature, part of everything that is, and they cannot be said to go against nature.