Saturday, April 30, 2011

This Is Worse Than Applying for a Job

I'm trying to move out. Really. This summer.

Why? Well, I need to do it while I'm fully employed, and one of my jobs is seasonal, so it needs to be during the summer. And if I stay past this summer, I'm getting kicked out around my twenty-fifth birthday, which is March 2012. March is in the spring, so I'll only have one job (if that). Nobody in their right mind (especially a apartment complex) is going to accept an application from someone working 14 hours a week (unless they're making a lot of money).

But that's not what I'm complaining about. Here's my problem:

I'm looking at private residences as well as complexes, hoping to get a lower deal on rent. I've called a few local houses and what happened? They took down their signs and never called me back, as if I'm serving as a reminder that they still have their signs up, and they need to take them down because they've already rented out the space.

The least they should do is tell me that the space is already rented out. Just as most employers are kind enough to send out rejection letters.

Nobody is calling me back. The signs just disappear.