Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Things That Bother Me: One From Each Job

1. People who fail at geometry.

When ordering pool supplies and equipment, it's important to have at least and elementary understanding of geometry. Too often I've gotten calls from people looking for covers for their "18-inch, round, 52-foot deep pools." Okay, so they interposed the feet and inches. So what? I'm smart enough to tell the difference.

Today I received a call from a woman looking at Intex pools (which suck) and wanted to know what shape the 18-foot by 52-inch pool was. Round, but that's not the problem, because I know the picture in the catalog and on the website only shows the rectangular. Then she asked about the 9-foot by 18-foot by 52-inch: What was that extra size for?

I told her it was rectangular. She asked me if the 9 feet was the length or the width. You can imagine how it went. The worst part is not that she was asking these questions, but where she was calling from.

She worked at AAFES.

2. People who can't keep track of their own schedules.

We ask if they want to set an appointment, and they say "yes." At this point, they should be pulling up their calendars and looking to see where they're open. We set up the appointment around their schedule. At this point, they should be writing or typing it in their calendars.

We even make reminder calls that night before. And then... they don't show up for their appointment. The most common reason? "I forgot."

I start to wonder how these people keep their jobs, because employers don't call their employees to say, "don't forget to come in tomorrow."