Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who Knows Where Things Will Lead?

Because the origami didn't work
We gave you dancing lessons.
Because the dancing lessons made you bored
We bought you a guitar.
Because you said it made your fingers sore
We found you a pony.
Because the pony broke your leg and ran away
We got you drums.
But the drums annoyed our neighbors so
We gave you cooking lessons
And the cooking lessons made you fat
We bought you running shoes.

If you hear this,
please we love you, Tommy.
We know it was never about Origami.

Because you took the shoes and ran away,
We gave them your description...
-From "Because The Origami" by 8in8, available from, proceeds benefiting the Berkley City Music Network.

I've often heard that even the best laid battle plans fail at the sight of the enemy. Who knows where life will lead when we make decisions? Since I don't believe in fate or destiny, everything falls to Causality, cause and effect. It can be guessed at beforehand, mapped afterward, and you can try to repeat it later and end up somewhere completely different. Causality is unpredictable and the bodies that govern it are constantly learning from the experiences of it. Every time we change, the line of potential effects changes, and never can we perfectly repeat a previous pattern.

8in8 is composed of Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, and Damian Kulash.